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    How to design 12-16 person live video chat in single chat room

    scottscott999 Level 1

      So I already know i'm in way over my head but I am trying to start a new website with live video chat capabilities.


      When I began researching I stumbled apon the adobe cirrus and the possibility of having P2P streaming using RTMFP.


      I want to be able to have 12-16 (or more if possible) live streaming video chats going simultaneously in a single chat room.  I know it is possible as there are other website that have accomplished this for example tinychat but I don't know what what their architecture is for the site.


      I am wondering if anyone knows if this is something that is possible to do using cirrus and building the application with flash or what is the best way to go about doing this.  I am a complete amature here so any insight / suggestions is going to be greatly aprreciated.  I know this is probably not something I am goign to be able to develop myself and I have been searching for developers for help.


      If anybody has any advice, recommendations, or could help in any way please let me know also feel free to send me an email at scott_scott999@hotmail.com