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    session login help

      Below is a very abbreviated version of the code I am using to require NT Authentication on every request for an application. The authentication works great, however I can't figure out how to expire the session when the user clicks "log out." Assume that the "log out" button merely makes a request to "?logout=true." When this happens, the logout success message is shown, fine and dandy. But then if the user clicks the Back button, he will see the previous page without having to re-authenticate. If that page is reloaded, the authentication screen will then be shown. So I'm assuming any other type of interaction with the server at that point would also force authentication.

      But what I want is to force the user back to the login screen after they What I am doing wrong? Or is there no way to get around this and I have to require the user to close the page after they logout? Let me know if you have more questions or if I obscured anything crucial in my code.