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    ATI Radeon HD 4650 AGP 1Gb, problem is solved!


      The problem is fixed!

      Catalyst left old driver junks behind
      Mixed driver files on same location (rev. 6.2 and 6.88)
      Also on mixed locations (“Windows” and “Windows\system 32”
      CCleaner and Revo did not cached either
      So, I did this…
      Be careful not all files names starting as ati…are ati driver files
      Go for the dates for easy clue first
      I checked all atixxx.xxx files in Windovs/system32 location, one by one
      Deleted all AMD, ATI origin files! Checked “Windows” too!
      Proceeded with the new install!
      APE 9.0 or APE 9.01 made no difference for me.
      Driver 6.2 or 6.88 made no difference either.
      Now, all works fine!


      Thanks for all help