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    Unable to find??? What does this mean?


      First off I will explain what I was doing before I encountered trouble. I was attempting to print a USPS shipping label and I believe it had something to do with Adobe. I had early printed a sample label without any trouble. But when I went to print a real label it was giving me issues. Then everything(even simple Microsoft works documents, it was telling me to save the file. It was giving me a save as and the file was .xps I attempted to do a system restore to another point and that didn't fix it. Somewhere I think I deleted a file or something. I understand computers pretty well, but shows what happens someone who doesn't have a clue gets themselves into trouble.


      But anyways now when I turn on my computer and it loads up I get this message


      Unable to find C:\ProgramData\AdobePDF\Settings\*.joboptions"


      And it says I must be an adminstrator to load these files or something.


      If anyone can help me I appreciate it very much. I have since uninstalled Adobe Reader and Re-installed it and I still get this message. So how do I solve this trouble?  Computer was working fine until this incident.

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          can you try uninstall, reboot and run the cleaner form

          http://support.microsoft.com/kb/290301, reboot


          again using admin power ID look if you still have traces of acrobat reader in the application folder of  all users, admin, your own ID

          if needed manual remove them all after full backup,

          also do

          reg query "hklm\software\adobe\Acrobat Reader"

          reg query "hkcu\software\adobe\Acrobat Reader" form your regular ID

          be sure there is not any

          if there are, you best do a backup before deleting anything.


          if all fails. do windows repair


          Hopefully you have access to the owner id , admin ID, or

          windows install disk/restore image along wiht all software install source

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            pwillener Level 8

            A good tool to remove startup items is CCleaner - Tools | Startup, and just disable or remove the item that causes you trouble.

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              mws_19841 Level 1

              In response to both replies. I ran the Acrobat installer which I wasn't sure what that icon was on my desktop. It loaded in just fine. And as of right now the issue with that startup error message for Adobe Reader is gone. So hopefully all is well and that fixed it. Still will be paranoid though that it will come back. lol.  Too many files for different things that just leave themselves there even when your done installing them.