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    Tables panel extension makes it easy to mockup tables in Fireworks

    John Dunning Level 1

      The new Tables panel is now available for download!




      This extension enables you to quickly mock up HTML-style tables  without having to laboriously position each cell or border.  Although  it's relatively straightforward to arrange elements in a grid using  Fireworks' alignment and distribution commands, as soon as the table  contents change you'll need to reposition everything manually.  The  Tables panel automates this tedious process.



      Unlike the table functionality in an app like Dreamweaver, you don't  need to enter each cell's text or graphics into a special table UI.   Instead, you use the standard Fireworks tools to create and edit the  contents of the table cells.  The Tables panel is used only to specify  the layout parameters and to automatically add and position cell  backgrounds or borders.


      Lots more info on how to use the Tables panel is available here: http://bit.ly/hhEK4H