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    Changing SWF background color

    Steve from Mogrify Studio Level 1

      Hey folks!


      I've imported a swf into my Adobe Presenter project but it has a white background, because of the stage color used in Flash when creating the SWF. Is there a way to get rid of the swf background color like you can in other programs like Dreamweaver?


      I don't see anything in the preferences - the closest I get is when I right click on the swf and choose Properties, I get a list of values about the swf I can change - there is a Background color AND BGcolor options (see screenshot) - but I've had no luck changing these. I need to get rid of the white background and change it to be transparent - is Presenter capable of doing this?


      Thanks in advance for your help.2011-03-26_191702.jpg

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          || -- HacKer -- ||-iytXSW

          Hi Steve,

          Well in Presenter you can load the SWF files and manage them, however it does not have any option to edit the SWF files as of now. You can try using Captivate to create the SWF you want or else upload the file some where, I will try to have a look at that.



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            Steve from Mogrify Studio Level 1

            Hey Ravi, thanks for getting back to me.

            I dont really need to edit the swf, I just need to remove the default white background. For example if I were to drop this swf in Dreamweaver for a website, I can set the parameters of the swf to have a transparent background - this isn't something I can do within Flash. So you're saying that presenter doesn't have this feature, and I'm stuck with the background and I just need to think about that during creation of assets, correct?

            Thanks again for your help.


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              || -- HacKer -- || Level 1

              Hi Steve,


              I thought that the background you are referring to is in the SWF file . I am not pretty clear which background is in subject here. Could you please paste an image over here indicating which background is in subject here??




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                robva65 Level 2



                GREAT question!


                However, as Ravi sorta explained, you cannot remove the background of a SWF file as imported into PPT/Presenter.  Your only recourse is to edit the stage properties back in Flash.  I know, I know....sometimes easier said than done.


                Nevertheless, if you have a flat color background, simply get the RGB values from your PPT deck and use that for the stage color in Flash.  Re-publish your SWF and you should be good to go.


                If, however, you're using more of a gradient background (or one that includes some photography) on your PowerPoint slide, there is one thing you can try.  It's a major pain, but it can work (especially if you get lucky enough):


                1. Save the slide that needs the SWF.  In PowerPoint, save just the slide you need as a .TIFF.
                2. Take that TIFF into an image editing program, like Photoshop, and determine where you need to drop/place the SWF once it gets imported in PPT.  Once you've done that, crop the region of the TIFF and save it out (as a jpg, for example) so that you can ultimately bring that image into Flash.  See where I'm going with this?
                3. In flash, import your image on the stage and go from there.


                Again, this may/may not work depending on your artwork and what you've got going on in PPT...but it may be worth a shot. I'm not going to lie to you... I've done this for 2 projects and it took awhile to get everything looking just right.