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    deleting a cached audio file in browser media player(s)




      i am building a music track distrubution site and my problem is as follows...


      the artist can overwrite a track that they have already posted.

      as long as the format (ie wav, etc) stays the same, the file name stays the same as it is attached to track id


      the browser window has a player that sits in an iframe in the page.


      problem. even if i refresh the player in the iframe, it keeps playing the old track. the only way i can get it to play the new track is to back out of the main page, clear browser cache and go back to the page with the browser.


      truly weird is if i switch from say wav to mp3, it works ok but then when i reload the new wav file, it still plays the old wav file...


      this happens in microsoft's player and quick time.


      i have tried many, MANY ideas to flush the cache and the players do not respond.


      site is in cf8. shared hosting server


      tnx in advance