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    Missing pre-packaged classes?

      Hello all,

      Perhaps this is because i am running the trial version, but i seem to be missing assorted classes which should have been loaded on my computer when i installed Flash CS3 Professional. Most immediately important to me are the missing fl.controls classes. When i try to import the class (specifically fl.controls.Button) i get the following compile error.

      1172: Definition fl.controls:Button could not be found.

      When i went an looked on my computer for this class i could not locate it. My

      ActionScript 3.0\Classes\fl

      directory lacks a controls folder, among other things which (according to the class directory in the left pane of my actions tab) should be present.

      Is this just due to it being a trial version? If so please forgive my ignorance. If not, how do i remedy this issue?

      Thanks for your time.