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    Ok on screen but printing gobbldeygook!


      I have recently downloaded the latest version of Adobe Reader onto my clean PC.


      Yesterday I downloaded some .pdf files from a craft magazine site and although they display perfectly well on the screen some of them have printed in absolute gobbledygook.  Any idea why?  I suspect it's a font issue - at present I only have the basic Windows fonts, but am not sure what to do about it.


      Whilst some pages are virtually complete gobbledygook, others have printed partly normal and partly in gobbledygook, which again suggests that it is printing certain fonts and not others.  It may also perhaps depend on which version the files were created.  The pictures are fine, it's just the font that is the problem.


      I am pretty cross as I used a fair bit of ink printing them and didn't realise they had come out like that until I went to put them away!