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    Reader X, sandbox and SendMessage()



      How can I keep my plugin running under Reader X, without disabling the protected mode?


      At some point in my plugin code I use SendMessage() with WM_COPYDATA to send some data to my main proccess.

      My main process response to this message by poping a window....


      BUT because of the new "protected mode" I get error code of 1400 (which means Invalid window handle) when the

      command SendMessage() executes. I checked with Spy++ the window handle is valid of course.

      When I disable the protected mode the plugin work perfect (like it used to work in Acrobat 9,8,7...)


      I read everything on the policy file that should be set for the process broker. I wrote on but it doesn't help me because

      I don't need to run a process, nor writing a file or writing to a registry - I just need SendMessage() to work!


      I dowloaded SDK X and found no samples no documentation on that - how come?

      I read somewhere that an API ADDRULE(...) should be used to config the broker but found nothing on that in the SDK.


      Is there a chance to make it work? again - without disabling the protected mode but just make a specific request to the broker to allow

      my api call get through ?


      thanks a lot