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    HotFix 2 breaks web service results of type xsd:anyType

      I have a client that accesses a number of web services that return results as type xsd:anyType (the results are complex XML hierarchies that change according to db values). Before HotFix 2, in in my ResultEvent.RESULT event handler, I could get access to the result via the ResultEvent.result property. But since HotFix 2, the ResultEvent.result property is always null for web services results of type xsd:anyType (for other result types, ResultEvent.result is correct).

      This is a major nuisance!! I assume this is a bug, so can anyone suggest any workarounds while I wait for Adobe to fix it? I can access the result as a string via the EventResult.message.body member. And from there, I can parse the XML, and perform an XML-to-ValueObject conversion... does that sound reasonable? Does anyone have an examples of XML-to-ValueObject conversion code to help get me started?

      Any hints or tips would be most welcome ;)


      Paul C.