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    X / Y positioning with actionscript not working

      Hi all,
      I've got a panel with id="myPanel".
      I'm trying to move it on the Application canvas to x/y using actionscript function:
      public function movePanel():void
      myPanel.x = 100;
      myPanel.y = 100;
      and it doesn't budge.
      I've tried setting autoLayout = "false" in the panel, in the panel's parent, etc. Nothing.
      Inside mx:Application I've used applicationComplete="myPanel.x = 100; myPanel.y = 100" and it works only once, but then I can't move it again using actionscript on an event.
      I've made the application layout absolute, and I've also tried removing all layout properties to see if that would help, but it doesn't.
      I've tried wrapping it in an mx:Canvas and moving the canvas by its ID, but nothing.
      I must be missing something obvious, because it seems that it should be simple.
      Any pointers are appreciated. Thanks.