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    Trying to recolor multiple images - Help



      I have been searching for an answer of this particular  problem for about a week now and this is my last resort, so hopefully  someone will help me.


      I am working on a school project  where we need to make an interactive e-store that sells carports. We  have already finished the website and designed the carport, but now we  need to make it interactive. We ended up with about 1000 or so images  for the carport that when the user moves some sliders the carport  changes size depending to the users settings. We have hit a snag because  the website needs to recolor the carports as well and we would need to  recolor each of the 1000 or so images into 5 other colors so total of  6000 images. I have worked in batch processing before with Photoshop,  but all of the images where in the same coordinates so the recorded  click would be in the correct place always.


      The problem  this time is that the images are in different coordinates around the  same canvas and Photoshop is coloring the image on some while coloring  the background on others. Is there a way to tell Photoshop to find the  are where the image is and based on those coordinates use the bucket  tool on the coordinates where the image is always?


      If  Photoshop is not the answer, would Fireworks be able to do this? I don't  know how to use Fireworks, but I have seen that there is a way to us  JavaScript code in fireworks.


      Please anyone help!


      P.S. I am attaching two images so you can get an idea of the problem I have.




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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          Yes there is a way to do this, but it will take some experimenting on your part to get the color right - and even then, it may not be perfect. It may seem like a lot of steps, but they will go by quickly once you've done it a couple times

          These steps need to be done for EACH color choice you want to create.

          1. Open one of the PNG files in Fireworks
          2. Press Ctrl+ A (Command+A for Mac)
          3. In the Properties Panel, click the "+" sign next to Filters
          4. Choose Adjust Color > Hue and Saturation
          5. Enable the Colorize option
          6. Experiment with the settings until you get the color/tint you want.
          7. Click OK.
          8. The selected object changes color.


          1. Select the History panel.
          2. Select the two steps (Select All and Set Live Filter)
          3. Click the disk icon to save these steps as a custom command. Seeing as you have several colors to create, I'd include the color in the file name.
          4. This command will now appear in the Commands menu, near the bottom of hte list
          5. Choose File > Revert to return the image to its original color. You will have to walk through the above steps for each color.


          These next steps will vary slightly because you will have to choose a different custom command for each color you want to create.


          1. Choose File > Batch Process
          2. Broswe to the folder where your original images are located.
          3. Open the folder
          4. Choose Add All
          5. Click the NEXT button
          6. When the Batch window opens, expand the Commands list and locate the first color you want to generate.
          7. Click the ADD button
          8. Locate the Rename command and click ADD
          9. Higher in the List, choose the Export command and add it to the list as well.
          10. The recolor command should be first in the include list, followed by the Rename command and the Export command.
          11. Select the Rename Command from the Include list. Choose add Prefix or add Suffix (your preference).
          12. In the adjoining field, add suitable text (for example, red_ for a prefix or _red for a suffix)
          13. Select the Export command from the Include list to activate the export Settings lower in the window.
          14. Change the Export setting to Use Settings from Each File
          15. Click NEXT
          16. In the Saving Files pane, set a custom location for the files. (I'd recommend saving the script so that - in case you need to create  additional images in the same color, you don't need to go through all  these steps again.)
          17. Click Batch.
          18. Go have a coffee.
          19. Repeat this process, choosing the desired recolor command.


          So while not totally automatic, at least you do not have to manually change every file. As I said, you will need to experiment with the Hue/Saturation Command to get the right colors, and even then, a perfect match may not be easy.



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            prometheus1981 Level 1

            Ok, Thanks for your quick response. I will try that post-haste, but I have a doubt. I need to colorize these png files based on a list of hex color codes (see list below). Is there a way to colorize without useing hue and saturation, but to give it the color code and have it change to that color?


            • Brown (715B4C)
            • Red (CC0000)
            • White (F7F7F6)
            • Black (0B0B0B)
            • Blue (4B687F)
            • Burgundy (44242B)
            • Green (37664F)
            • Beige (E0D6B2)
            • Tan (C7AB75)
            • Dark Gray (686866)
            • Gray (ABABA8)
            • Clay (AEAC9A)


            Thank you for your help!

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              Jim_Babbage Level 4

              Little details like that would have been very helpful in your original post. :-)


              I don't have an immediate answer but if these graphics are only in bitmap form (instead of vector) I'm thinking no. Even in vector form it might not be possible. I will try a couple things and see if I can work up a solution, but before I do, please let me know if you have these graphics in vector format.

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                prometheus1981 Level 1

                Sorry for not including the colors in the original post. As far as having a vector image, I don't. I was working with another guy in my class who created the vectors, but he has dropped out and I haven't been able to get the original files from him.

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                  Jim_Babbage Level 4

                  Well I've done some searching and testing and I don't have much good news for you. As bitmaps you have a lot of manual work ahead of you - in FW, anyway. Perhaps there is another solution in Photoshop.


                  If you had the vector files, you could have done a find and replace in FW to change the Fill color and it's possible that could have been converted to a custom command. but without the vectors . . .



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                    prometheus1981 Level 1

                    Man, that sucks. Well, I'm still trying to get those vector files. If I where to get these files, what could I do to resolve my problem?


                    Thank you for all your help!

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                      Jim_Babbage Level 4

                      Use Edit > Find and replace to change the existing color to one of your hex colors. This command can be run on an entire folder.