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    moving backdrop


      Dear Friends,


      I'm not sure whether this is the right place to post my question and I apologize if it's not but here it goes: What do you reckon would be the easiest way to create a scene in which the background is passing by such as: we are looking at a traveling car which is locked in the camera view and just the background is moving to create the illusion of movement? I've thought of a few possibilities but none seems to work very well...


      Thanks for your help and please be patient because I've just started to use AE now.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Depands on how "real" the BG needs to be.... Anything from cut out photos whizzing by as 3D layers to genuine 3D animation to of course shooting it... I'm afraid you're not gonna get a simple answer here and if you are a beginner, you will have to learn some advanced stuff like tracking and stabilizing first as well as get familair with AE's 3D space. Study Andrew Kramer's set extension and projection mapping tutorials for some basic understnading of the concepts, then come back with more specific question. No poiunt in writing book chapters here that you may not even understand (no offense).



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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            Are you working from existing footage, or are you setting this up and shooting it yourself?

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              jvmonteiro Level 1

              Hi Mylenium,


              I realize now how impossibly generic my question was...This scene I was referring to is to be 2D, based on illustration I'm doing. I guess it was just an impulse you see, I was imagining a next shot for this little experimental project and I was anxious to know how to get along with it.

              Thanks a lot for the advice and for your time




              p-s: I was hoping I could let you check the file but I guess that's impossible, its not even rendered yet!

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                jvmonteiro Level 1

                The footage is vector work I'm importing from Illustrator


                Thanks for your time

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  The art of simulating a background goes back to the very early days of cinema. It's based on layers. When a camera moves, whether it is a pan or a dolly shot, the perspective of the elements in the scene change based on their distance from the camera. Foreground elements change their relative position faster than background elements. Early animators understood this and made adjustments in their drawings to achieve the look. Walt Disney perfected the technique by creating background drawings, then middle ground and foreground drawings on clear acetate and layering them in the animation stand so the background could be moved at a different speed than the middle ground while the character animation was on the top cell. This gave a much more realistic look to their animation with a lot less work.


                  Here's a paper on the history. I'd suggest you give it a look.


                  The same technique is easily applied. Larger than the composition background layers moving slowly, larger than the composition middle ground layers moving a little faster, placed behind the foreground elements. Transparency is the key. Since you're working in Illustrator everything should be all set up. If you want to create your entire scene in Illustrator put each of these elements on a different layer. The illustrator file should be bigger than your final composition. Just open up the AI file as a composition, change the composition settings to your final output, then animate the layers.