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    Adobe Reader x and subsequent


      I have downloaded Adobe Reader x

      I have downloaded Adobe Reader x.0.1

      I have downloaded Adobe Reader x.0.2

      I have downloaded Adobe Reader 9


      Some suggested I do this with ALL safety turned off! I have done so.


      STILL, I cannot print any email, nor any pdf's! This has been for OVER a month!


      I cannot run a business without having invoices! They arrive via pdf!

      I cannot read quotes, which arrive via pdf!


      Adobe however, has NEVER sent any message (not that I have received) to explain or offer a

      "sensible" soulution! Nor an apology!

      There is NO WAY to contact Adobe directly! If there is, can some good soul please provide this address?

      I get shoved from pillar to post... "try" this, "try" that! Why must I "try" when thousands are being affected?


      Is there anyone out there that may offer a solution?

      I know BASIC internet solutions.... but in this case the fault is directy from Adobe, and this needs to be

      addressed by them with very immediate results and solution!


      ALL other sites I am on, be it social, interactive or whatever... ANY update holds water! Adobe seems to

      have all their sieves in place! Catch some, lose some!


      HELP someone! Please??

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You downloaded a free program and you want Adobe to personally apologize to you for your problems. Let us be realistic. I'm sorry your having problems. We can do what we can to help. You can pay Adobe money for tech support: 800-833-6687. But they will still have to give you various different things to try. It is always hit and miss, till someone can find what the problem is.


          Let us start with the basics. What OS? What printer? What printer driver? (include version numbers and service packs if using Windows). Are you getting an error message? Does your printer make any response to your print request? Is there a document in the print spooler?