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    Problem with Loader Components, can not display my forms properly

      Here is the problem (my God, my customer waiting for his web site:( ... ) I have a form made in CoffeeCup Flash Form Builder (Nice one...).Now this form with fields like name, sec name age, etc I want it to apear into my main screen when I press the button "Reservation" and then the customer could fill the fields and sent it to my mail. I tryed with the Loader Component, I mean when I press the button then starts "playing" the form.swf. BUT the Loader can not display the form properly specialy thinks like drop down menus in the form, or check boxes....It just show me the form....The Flash Form Builder gives me 4 files like: form.swf, form.html, form.php and form.xml. Any solution on how my customers complete this form with no problems?