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    How Important are ICC Profiles when Importing Stills into Premiere Pro?

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      I came across the following troubling language in a review of one of Steven Hullfish's books on Color Correction:


      "I also felt as though the author neglected to give ICC profiles enough attention.


      Granted, they are seldom used in pure video workflows, but there are an awful lot of folks out there compositing still images into video content who need to know how to soft-proof against the right destination space in Photoshop so they aren't surprised by the color shifts they see in their ICC-unaware video software. Surely that should merit a pull-quote of its own somewhere."


      My photos have been saved in PhotoShop in the ProRes color space.  Is this going to cause unpredictablility in how my colors look when shown on a 30 foot screen?

      Is Premiere Pro a type of what this author describes as "ICC-unaware" video software?


      If so, what steps should I be taking?




      Matt Dubuque, 100 Trees