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    Review my Desktop Build Intel 2600k


      Just wanted to share my new desktop build and any problems that may be occuring with it. The computer runs great but Im having problems exporting DV to tape using a Canon XHG1 camera.


      Thermaltake Case with Top HotSwap drive slot

      Intel Core i7 2600K Processor @3.4GHz

      Asus p8p67 Deluxe Motherboard

      NVidia Geforce GTX 570 Graphics Card @ 1.25 GB DDR5 Memory

      Corsair Memory XMS3 16GB DDR3 1600

      Intel X25 180GB SSD (designated Drive C with all programs loaded to it)

      Coolmaster 700W power Supply

      2x Western Digital Cavier Black 1TB Harddrives @ 6GBps (in Raid 1)(all documents, temp files, app data files are located on this drive)

      LG 16x DVDRW


      Its windows index rates a 7.7 only because the dvd drive is slow. everything else is a 7.9