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    Metering track/channel inputs during recording

    TheodoreG Level 1

      I would request better metering of recording in multitrack view.  Two items for now:

      1.  Muting a channel during recording should not disable metering of that channel's input levels.  When a track is armed for recording either in (A) external monitoring mode together with the meter setting "monitor input level (external monitoring)" or (B) in Audition Mix monitoring mode: input levels are metered in the mixer channel strip meter, in the Main track panel meter, and in the "Levels" panel input meter (if "Show All Meters" is enabled).  Input levels are shown pre-fader (and pre- almost everything else) but post-mute in the track meter and channel meter; the input meter in the Levels panel is pre-fader and pre-mute.  Thus if you mute the channel with the mute button then metering is turned off in the track and channel meters.  Why should muting the sound of a channel that is receiving input audio also cause that input stop being metered?  The fader does not affect input metering, so why should the mute button do so?  After all, the mute button is not an on/off switch for the meter.  Furthermore, what if you want to record the channel and observe its input levels during the recording process, but do not want to hear the track at all times during the recording process while it is assigned to the Master?  You could pull the channel's fader all the way down to stop listening to it, but then that action is what the mute button should accomplish in the first place.


      2.  Commencing a recording should not turn off the metering of inputs with no way to turn metering back on again.  If a recording is initiated in "external monitoring" mode together with the meter setting "monitor input level (external monitoring)", the metering of input level only occurs while the track is armed for recording but before the recording is being made.  Before the recording is begun, input levels are shown on the channel strip's meters in the mixer, the track's meters in the Main panel, and on the input meter in the Levels panel.  However, once the recording actually begins, the menu item for "monitor input level (external monitoring)" is automatically unchecked and grayed out, and metering ceases on the meters in the channel strip and on the track in the Main panel.  (However, during recording, metering of input levels continues to be active on the meter in the Levels panel.)  This behavior makes no sense.  While the recording is being made it would be preferable to leave the input metering active for each track -- especially after the user has explicitly checked a menu item or pressed F10 for "monitor input level (external monitoring)" -- and not to do what Audition does, namely turn off input metering the moment the record button is clicked.