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    RH to FM?


      I know that FrameMaker-RoboHelp integration is for some reason supposed to be one way only, from FM to RH. There is virtually no info about integration the other way, from RH to FM.


      But is it at all possible to take RoboHelp HTML content and convert it into FrameMaker format? I'd like to try it in the hope that FrameMaker can do a better job at creating print output that RoboHelp can.


      Anybody tried RH-to-FM?


      BTW: I have RH8HTML and FM9, both from TCS2.5.

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          Hi Morten.


          This is something that I and others have been shouting from the roof tops about for awhile. It would be great if TCS did this but so far it desn't. Our words have not fallen on deaf ears at Adobe but it is just not something they have seen as a priority yet. I'd strongly urge you to add your voice to the increasing number of RH users who'd like integration back the other way. It would complete the entire documentation circle. You can do so here.


          In the meantime, the only way to transfer content back into FM is to generate it from RoboHelp into a format that FrameMaker allows (e.g. a PDF). Hardly ideal I'm sure you'll agree.


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