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    Projector very slow to load with text members - d11.5 & Mac




      Im currently trying to port some old projects to 11.5 and am having issue with the projector load time and text members on mac.


      When a projector contains any #text members it takes a very long time to load and appears to be frozen for some time (with spinning beachball cursor for at least 30 seconds).


      If there are no text members it loads instantly.


      Things i have tried:

      * Embeding xtras

      * Excluding xtras and having in external folder.

      * Using stub movie with no text members that loads offending movie. (does slow load when it navigates to movie)

      * Built clean test movie from 11.5


      Environment: OSX 10.6.7 and director 11.5


      Any help appreciated?