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    [VST] Plug-in power state can be changed only during playback

    Tee Eich

      Environment: MAC OS X 10.5.8, Adobe Audition 4.0 public beta release


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Run Adobe Audition 4.0 host

      2. Create a multitrack session

      3. Instantiate the Steinberg VST Monitor plug-in on a track

      4. Instantiate any other VST plug-in on a track.

      5. Try to toggle plug-in power state on/off several times

      6. Look at VST Monitor log.


      Actual Result:

      VST Monitor shows no records in the log. It shows, that the plug-in power state is changed only during playback.


      Expected Result:

      Should VST plug-in change its power state regardless of whether the playback button is pressed or not?