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    [JS CS3] Frontmost document/selection when other with same name?

    Mayhem SWE Level 2

      I have a few scripts used to perform various operations on the current selection in InDesign. Under normal circumstances these work fine, but I can't seem to reliably get the frontmost document/selection when there is another document open with the same name. Most references to the document and every reference to the selection I have tried so far will simply lead to the document which was most recently opened (and has the same name).


      app.activeDocument.fullName always return the path to the most recently opened document of the same name, but app.documents[0].fullName will return the correct path. Trying to get the selection though will always return the selection of the most recently opened document of the same name, regardless of whether I try app.selection, app.activeDocument.selection or app.documents[0].selection. I have also tried with getElements()[0] appended to the document reference but it makes no difference.


      My primary environment is still CS3 and the problem appears to be that it only references documents by name. Brief testing with CS5 indicates this has been solved by Adobe, presumably because it now refers to documents using an id by default. Haven't tried CS4 but since its document object does not have an id property I'd assume it will behave the same as CS3. Is there any way around this, or is the best I can do to detect the issue (a simple app.activeDocument != app.documents[0] comparison seems to work reliably) and refuse to run if encountered?