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    Fonts incorrectly embedded in CS5


      Apologies if this has been asked before, but the forum search box seems not to work...


      I have a problem with CS5 embedding fonts for no good reason. To replicate:



      • Create new AS3 fla file
      • In publish settings, click 'Generate Size report'
      • Put some text on the stage - Classic text, static (Though it doesn't seem to matter)
      • Make sure the font is '_sans' (There is no 'Use device fonts' option for this font choice)
      • Publish the file
      • Note that _sans is now embedded in the SWF, occupying bytes in the size report.


      Try the same in CS3, and there is nothing embedded, as you would expect. Unfortunately I can't get my fla loaded into CS3 because CS5 will only allow me to export as CS4.


      Similarly, change the font to something specific, like Verdana, and set it to use device fonts and it still embeds font data (We're talking about 3 or 4k) but doesn't list any glyphs.
      Occasionally though, by screwing around, it doesn't embed anything. Then nudge some text in some magical way and it's back to embedding redundant data.
      Is there a bug for this? Is there somewhere to report bugs, or search for existing bugs? Am I doing it wrong? Is there a known workaround?
      - Ian Beveridge
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          (true the forums search box is not working, try the other one in the upper right corner, but not the uppermost one..... (Talk about usability.))

          I had similar problems today (in front of a class teaching them Flash and telling them that fonts that are not embedded do not increase swf file size - well it did)


          My search in the working box only revealed your post and I try reviving your thread by adding my observations:


          When I place a textfield (classic dynamic) on the stage and use Arial (Windows machine) as "use device font" I get 2618 bytes of swf size for Arial, bad but not so bad, doing the same but using Calibri leaves me with astonishing 70910bytes for nothing. (With other fonts somewher in between)


          I could reproduce that in CS4 too and on at least 3 differnt computers.


          Has anyone any idea how that is justifyable, or is is yet an other bad and unsolved bug from a company that is more and more giving the impression, that all they care about is ripping us off with badly maintained software?


          Don't get me started....



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            Hi again,

            I made several experiments with the following results:


            • On the mac ther is still a font reported in the size report, but is is about 15 to 22 bytes depending on font (not) used. That can be tolerated I'd say, but still I don't understand why there is any increase in size and why there is a difference with different device-fonts. as it seems there is no need as the next point proofs.
            • I can make and use the Textfield with AS and there is not a single byte of font (Symbol) to be found in the size report and inside the swf.


            • decompiled the swf with the 70k of "gohst" font-symbol, and it came up in the library as a font symbol.


            Can anyone reproduce this behavior?


            There is a slightly paranoid afterthought:

            There are fonts that are expressedly forbidden to embed and with a lot of others you are always in a gray area (legally). If Flash embeds Font-Symbols -as one might conclude from my last observation- without the developer's knowingthis might even have legal reprocussions...

            (Maybe not the biggest thing, but sometimes lawyers can do what quality-control won't )