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    cfdocument running slow when generating PDF

    tmessier Level 1

      I have two servers configured the same way. They're running CF 8 Enterprise (exact version is 8,0,1,195765), Java version is 1.6.0_04. Servers are Windows 2008 Server Standard. On one of them, generating PDFs using CFDOCUMENT is very fast. On the other it's painfully slow, can take minutes for a simple PDF. I've checked everything I can think of on the two servers and they seem pretty much the same. I checked the iText jars, they appear to be the same as well. I've seen other people post with slowness issues, but many posts relate to dynamic images, which are not an issue here because I have a PDF with no images in it. I'm totally out of ideas as to what could be causing the difference in performance. Anybody else run into this and find a solution?