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    Error: File Video Dimensions Too Large


      I am brand new to Premiere Elements 9. I am making a slide show from images to start. I was able to get media (jpg's) that are from my Canon 20D camera, but tried to get media from my new Canon 60D and got the above error message.


      So I tried to search the HELP options and am a bit perplexed because there isn't much there that applies to this latest version. One answer I got was from Premiere Elements 4 and had to do with a different problem, which was having too many stills in a slide show. I don't think it applies, since I'm having a problem even getting the media into the project at all.


      I'm thinking maybe because the 60D has a lot more megapixels, I need to dumb it down (resize), but I can't be sure this is really the problem. If it is, where do I find information about the maximum size that Premiere Elements accepts? I could try dumbing them down, but I want as high resolution as I can get in the slide show.