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    Identifying Which License is on Which Machine?

    David_Illig Level 1

      I have two licenses for CS3 Design Premium and I have each license installed on two Macs--one each on one desktop and one MB Pro--four machines in all.


      Now I have ordered an upgrade to CS5 DP to replace two of those installations, but I cannot find the record that I thought I had kept to show which licenses are on which machines. I had also thought that there was a way to display a partial serial number--sufficient to determine what I need to know--but I cannot find it.


      All four Macs are on the same network. I thought it would be easy enough to at least learn which pair of machines has the same license by opening one of the applications on computer A and then going to computers B, C, and D to see where the application would not launch because an instance was already running on another machine on the network. That didn't work; I can run any of the CS3 applications on all four Macs simultaneously. Disabling the license check is not something that I would do even if I knew how to do it, so I cannot explain why this is the case.


      Part 2 of my question. After one of you kind souls tells me how to identify which licenses are on which machines: Suppose that license 1 is running on machines A and B and license 2 is running on machines C and D. But I want to install the CS5 update on machines A and C. Can I swap licenses between machines before I install the CS5 upgrade, possibly by deactivating the licenses and reactivating with the appropriate serial numbers?


      I hope to resolve this quickly for a hassle-free installation of the upgrade. I had an experience with Adobe some years ago that left a bad taste in my mouth. I could not activate a CS3 DP license after buying the software in a box at retail. It took countless hours on the phone over a period of months to persuade Adobe to help me, even though I had a longish (for a non-pro user) list of licensed Adobe software that I had bought at retail, and it was my opinion that Adobe could have guessed from a glance at that list that I am not a likely software pirate. A lingering fear of a repetition of that very unpleasant experience is why it has taken me so long to upgrade. My wife and I need to run this software on two Macs simultaneously and if this upgrade goes well I will upgrade my other CS3 license with greater confidence.




      David Illig

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          David_Illig Level 1

          Since no one else answered my question I had to do it the hard way and answer for myself. In an on-line chat with Adobe Customer Service I learned that what I wanted to do could not be done; there was no way to determine which license is on which machine. The ACS rep did say something that led me to the solution, which is really quite simple.


          This works for CS3, but I cannot say whether it would work for other versions of CS.


          I deactivated all four installations of CS3. In so doing I checked the box which asks if one wants to erase the serial number from that computer.


          Then I re-activated CS3 on all four Macs, entering the serial numbers as I wanted them to be, and noting which serial number I put in which Mac.


          Done. The CS5 is now installing nicely, thank you.




          David Illig

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            ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Hi David, there would be a couple different ways to do it but that actually is a clever solution and definitely works...  Glad that Customer Service got you sorted out.