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    Need help with horizontal accordian panels



      I'm wondering how I would re-create a horizontal accordian panel set, such as the one used in this website link, "http://www.thecapriapts.com/".


      When I insert a "spry accordian" panel set, the panels are stacked on top of each other. I guess you would consider that a "vertical" accordian. Is it possible to manipulate the CSS to have it display horizontally, like the link I attached? Or.. is this a common javascript that I sould look into?


      As always, thanks for your help out there...


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          With spry, there are two different kinds you can use: horizontal and vertical. What you're looking at in that site is horizontal. Usually, it appears as rectangles placed next to each other with the spry flying out below. In DW, you can go to your CSS rules for your spry menu and change the width and height of your boxes in your spry, depending upon which rule you have selected. Play around with that and see if you can just manipulate the horizontal accordian spry to where the rectangles end up being tall and thin. This will make it difficult, however, to get the text on its side like you see in that site. I'm not sure how you would go about doing that. But I would suggest trying to play around with the values in your CSS styles panel on the right (this is me looking at CS5 mind you. I'm not sure what you're running.)


          Either way, for times sake and also readability, might I respectfully suggest playing around with other sprys to see if any look more aesthetically pleasing for your site? It would also make it a lot simpler to tweak to your liking.

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            cboyte15 Level 1

            thanks bud. I'll mess around with the CSS and see if I can't figure it out that way. I just wasn't sure if there was a pre-made javascript or a keyword for a javascript style that I could grab and manipulate. Thanks for your help.