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    WARNING: Adobe installs McAfee with Reader update!

    Nick5209 Level 1

      Adobe just sent me a notice that an update was ready for Adobe Reader... So I accepted it. A few minutes later, the update is all done. And Adobe tells me that it also installed McAfee! What the H is this? I was not asked if I wanted McAfee -- it was just installed automatically.


      I always watch all warnings about installs during updates... and I use Vipre to catch sneaky stuff... there was no warning. Where did Adobe bury the McAfee during the install??


      This is not acceptable. Last time I accept any Adobe updates until I get assurances this will never be done again. If this is Adobe's idea of piggybacking crap on updates, it sucks.


      Then I go to the support page and request a callback to discuss this with someone. My phone rings. "1 person in the queue..." I've been waiting 23 minutes.


      Is this the new level of "support" we can expect? Adware and half hour phone calls that YOU make to ME?

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          kp879 Level 1

          When my computer told me adobe wanted to update adobe reader I accepted and installed the update. It gave me an option on whether I wanted to install McAfee or not. I've read about other people checking to not install McAfee and still having it install anyway. I'm not sure if McAfee was downloaded despite me opting out because the reader update crashed my computer resulting in all my programs and files disappearing. Did you have any trouble with missing files from the update?

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            Nick5209 Level 1



            The update process gave me no option to opt out of the McAfee installation. When I realized what had happened, I clicked to the next step in the install process, and it asked me if I wanted to go ahead to finish the Adobe update. I figured either I'm screwed already, or it'll also ask me if I want to finish the McAfee install -- and I'll say no. When I clicked to finish the update, McAfee was already installed. I checked Windows Explorer -- and there it was in the programs directory. I went into Win7's Control Panel and uninstalled it. I can't tell whether McAfee left any vestiges behind... but the folder is gone.


            I was a big McAfee fan years ago, after I got fed up with Norton's bloatware. Then McAfee went the same route, and I switched to Sunbelt's VIPRE, which I'm very happy with. I've asked Sunbelt to look into this -- I'm worried I've got McAfee artifacts. But my pc did not crash, nor did I lose anything. Sorry to hear your story.

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              LeoAdobeX Adobe Employee

              Can you please describe step by step what did you do to get the update?

              The reason I am asking is that Adobe Reader Updater will not install McAfee under any circumstances.


              You must've done something on your own, maybe went to Adobe web site and selected Reader installation.

              If this was indeed something that looked like Adobe Reader Updater, you may have a virus and need to make sure that your system is not compromised.

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                Nick5209 Level 1

                The routine Adobe Reader Update notification came up in my notification tray -- this was not an e-mail. My Windows Update is set to get notifications, not to download -- until I approve the download. I clicked to start the download, and it took me to the Adobe website to get the download and an automated process started. Next thing I knew, I had the new Reader (10.x) AND McAfee.


                Are you saying this was not an update? Why would a virus direct me to Adobe and download Reader 10?

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                  LeoAdobeX Adobe Employee

                  Did you click "Download" button or "Details" link on the Updater dialog?

                  I am guessing later. This would indeed transfer you to the Adobe web site, where you probably traveled to the Adobe Reader Download center and got into download obscure McAfee option.


                  If you would click "Download" button, updater would do it's job of installing updates without installing McAfee.

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                    Nick5209 Level 1



                    Thanks for the explanation. But updates that come in via the tray are routine -- they're not spam, they're from companies I trust whose software I already use. I'm busy -- and I either accept the update or postpone it. (I usually postpone because I don't want to interrupt my work.) When I accept, expect the update to get installed. Period. That's what I paid for. There is no need for a "details" option that is not "details" -- but an PROD to download 3rd party software. It just serves as a distaction, and in this case, it caused serious trouble. What is Adobe doing, taking me to a download for McAffee, to begin with? This is a problem, and Adobe ought to cut it out. Blaming the customer (I paid a lot of money for the software) is a bit disingenuous. An update should be an update -- and not include hidden download "options" that busy people may click on inadvertently. Most Internet sales scams rely on just this kind of thing. (E.g., mistype a URL, and you find someone owns the misspelling and you wind up getting a sales pitch.)


                    If you work for Adobe, please tell them to stop this. Update -- Period. If I want software from ANOTHER VENDOR ALTOGETHER, I'll go find it myself. This is a case of Adobe "partnering" with a 3rd party. Don't insinuate that kind of thing into a customer relationship, in a process that is intended ONLY for an update. So now I know what happened. Thanks again. Next time I get an Adobe update notice, what do you think I'm going to do? I'll realize Adobe is wasting my time, and I'll have to focus on making sure I don't succumb to a 3rd party pitch.


                    The explanation is little more than an excuse for abusing a customer with 3rd party promos.