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    How should I know if download was real?


      How should I know if the download I agreed to this morning was ligitimate? The message said version 10 with a 2 or something. But I see no changes in anything now. I am currently running version 9 (apparently). I find it annoying when asked and just went ahead and said YES (please go away). Clues?

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If you downloaded it from the Adobe website it should be fine. The current version of Reader is 10.0.2

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            would be nice if adobe.com supports the https protocol with pr

            oper certificate so one can be more sure there is not the main in the middle attack

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              AskInfo Level 1

              Thanks you two for giving me info. I had wanted to give more detail, but I couldn't copy it from word as this screen wouldn't accept it and after entering my story the 1st time and have it dissappear and retyping it to avoid losing it again, but to no avail, I gave up and put in a short entry. In any event I'll try the stopry again.... I am super-novice, not computer-guy. I turrned on my computer and when I came back, without going on line, up on the screen was the box asking if I wanted to download new Adobe (something). I didn't even pay attention to what it was, but do remember seeing the 10.0.2. I had been asked several times before and checked off "ask me later". This time I thought I didn't want to be bothered anymore. It was only afterwards that I noticed nothing had changed and wondered "what might I have done"? Computer still works today, however. Still, any comments would be appreciated, thanks.

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                ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                It sounds to me like you have downloaded and installed Adobe Reader x at some point. 10.0.2 is simply an update to 10.0.0 so you may not notice any difference. It could be a security update or a bug patch in a part of Reader you don't use. Hard to say.


                But, check the version number of the Reader that you use. You can find it in Help>About Adobe Reader x (or if you are opening 9 it's "about Adobe Reader 9). You really shouldn't have both 9 and X (10) installed together but it's kinda sounding like you do.

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                  AskInfo Level 1

                  There is only an Adobe Reader 9 icon on the desktop, and there is only a version 9 program in my programs files. Like I said, no evidence of version 10. What downloaded did have numbers something like 10.0.2  There is an icon in the program files that reads after clicking that a version of  Adobe AIR is needed and not there. Again, everything is working fine otherwise. It's just that I did not ask for this at any time in the past, so I kinda resent Adobe having a program that pops up uncontrolled and unexpectedly, downloads something upon my clicking yes, and then disappears. Again, I'm not a computer-guy; everyone needs Reader for basic downloading of documents, but I'd prefer leaving it up to me and when I can't download documents any more, then I'd do something (an appropriate time for something to invite me to update). So when I'm invited (and not even on line) and I do something and get nothing, I just get slightly concerned. I should have kept responding "no" forever or until my version 9 stopped working. But in reality, if something toxic had gotten that far into my computer, would it have asked me to download something (with an Adobe face), or would it just go ahead and continue "infecting"? Thanks for your feedback. Anyone else know about these uninvited opportunities to update?