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    Graphic doesn't display when creating an email from a graphic


      I used this code to create an email from a graphic.  It works fine for topics on the root of the 'content's folder.  If the topic is in a main folder, it still works, but the graphic does not.  I only see a placeholder for the graphic which if I click


      Create an email from a graphic

      Click in the box below and press Ctrl C, then in the true code view of your topic go to the desired location in the body and press Ctrl V. The paragraph tags are only required if you want the graphic to display on its own line.

      In RoboHelp's WYSIWYG view, you will see a red square. It will work when you click your Preview icon.

      Change the variables and the "mailto" details to provide the text you want users to see in the email. Also change the name of the image and include its path if necessary using forward slashes. You will also need to add the image to your baggage files.