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    Help me build my system?


      hi guys!


      i'm currently having my system


      core i7 2.8ghz

      8ghz ram ddr3 1600

      gts 250

      sata 6gb/s hardrive


      my question is how do i maximize my preview speed in After Effect and final render speed in 3D max. I mean make it as fast as i can with our techonology at the moment.

      i thought about liquid cool my system then overclock my cpu,graphic card and ram to the highest possible.


      1)do i need to change my graphic card? (i've heard from every1 that graphic card only help in gaming and AE prewview speed based on openGL. It won't help in 3d max rendering either. I only need fastest render in Max but not viewport speed because i don't do modeling. Is it true?)


      2)in case i needa change my graphic card, what spec should i look for? it is wise to buy the cheapest card support highest clock speed and latest openGL regardless other specs?


      3)all my projects r not real big i don't think i need a lot of ram because i've checked my ram usage when i render in max. That didn't even reach 50% ram usage.

      please don't tell me to get dual xeon because it's like buying a whole new system but not upgrading my system.


      i'm not gonna get i7 extreme either because a lil faster with processor doesn't worth 1000$ upgrade


      i'm sorry because of bad English


      thank you for helping me




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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          For After Effects, you want lots of RAM, fast (multiple) CPU cores, and multiple fast local hard disks. The graphics card doesn't matter much at all; OpenGL is not an important part of After Effects.


          See this for a one-hour presentation on optimizing for performance.


          See this for links to detailed articles about performance in After Effects.

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            callmetony Level 1

            ^^!     thanks for helping me bro! i think i have the answer

            that means i'm on the right track. After i overclock my comp, i can't do anything else to speed up what i need except waiting for the next-gen of ram and cpu


            but i still don't get it. I don't c how multiple hardrives can help with after effect


            your post helps a lot because i almost waste a lot of money to get the high-end g-card

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              > but i still don't get it. I don't c how multiple hardrives can help with after effect



              A single hard disk has a very hard time keeping up with the data rate required to feed After Effects (or any video software) its input files while also keeping up with writing the similarly large output files.


              This post is about Premiere Pro, but the ideas are the same: