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    Can't open web case until register product?

    pceisemann Level 1

      This is my FOURTH time needing to have Adobe reset my account because it says I have "Too many activations".  Of course this is because every time I try to open the program I have to go through the activation setup process. 

      I have encountered a new problem this time.  My three old web cases are listed and shown as CLOSED.  But when I click on "create new web case" I am sent back to my home screen, with no option to create the case.  There is a message that says that I must register the product before I can create a web case, and I have never had to do that before.  When I try to register the product it asks for a serial number, and when I follow the instructions for finding the serial number there are no downloads listed.  I am currently on hold with Adobe support, I put my number in the que because it said there was only a 2 minute wait and they called and put me on hold.  I have been holding for an hour and twenty minutes so far.

      I am so disappointed in this program, I have already missed TWO library books that I had been on the list for because of this problem.  Not to mention all the previous times I have had too many activations.  Any help you can offer me about the web case or how to get customer service on the chat program will be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you in advance!