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    Using Data Merge for filenames?


      First off, I'm running Indesign CS5 on Snowleapord.


      I've used Data Merge to create one file with 45 pages. Each page is a form letter, with the first line being the persons name.


      What I need to do is save each of those pages as its own Jpg file, (Easy to do, just export>Jpg)


      Where  I'm having trouble is in the filename scheme. If it saves each page as  "formletter-1" "formletter-2" I end up not knowing who's letter it is.


      I'd  like to name the files for the name of the person in the letter, the  <<Name>> field from data merge. There are FAR to many to do  this by hand.


      Any suggestions?



      Thanks so much.



      I don't know anything about scripting. I hope somebody can write one or provide me with a link to a solution.