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    Contribute Preview Problem


      Wondering if anyone can help? I have a site that has a wordpress "page" inserted into a php shell. The client can edit the wordpress "page" in wordpress admin - and the "shell" in Contribute, no problems - but when we go to Preview the page in a browser we get the following message:


      Warning: require (./v2/wp-blog-header.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in ... .(name of temp page)..


      I'm not sure where the temporary pages are saved to for the preview - but it seems like it is not realizing what folder it is in on the site. I thought it would just preview the "shell" of the page and put code where the wordpress parts are in the center (that is how it looks in the "edit" view in Contribute)..


      Not sure if this is making any sense... but if it does = would love to know if anyone knows a workaround to still be able to Preview the page before uploading it and replacing the existing page on the site..