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    FDS messaging app does not work on server

      I have no trouble getting FDS publish/subscribe working on localhost, but nothing works on public server. Am I missing something that is supposed to be obvious?

      For example, I got the Christophe Coenraets Googlemaps example working nicely locally, but at this location FlexMap

      The messaging does not work. no error, but nothing is published, no message event firing,... no fun demo app to show everyone.

      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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          aBill Level 1
          Is it using rtmp channel? Is there any firewall or proxy issue for its port? Try polling channel to see what happen.

          William Chan
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            richard_lakeside Level 1
            Thanks for the response.

            It is making an RTMP connection to a Flash Media Server, but that part is working. The thing that doesn't work are the messaging functions in FDS.

            I put this app on a server that is on my linksys router lan, so I can test it from localhost or or from outside by pass thru port. The same code runs perfectly on localhost, and the local 192... address, but not the pass thru.

            It is the express version. I can't figure out how to get anything else. I tried putting in the serial number I got from purchase of Flex Builder 2, but it didn't accept it.

            But I can't find anything that says the express version doesn't work on a public address.

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              seth_hodgson Level 1
              Hi Richard,

              Have you had any luck resolving this issue? A public address versus localhost doesn't impact the FDS Express version (or any version for that matter). If you enable client side debug output by adding an <mx:TraceTarget level="0" filters="{['*']}"/> to your app you should be able to see the client go through its connection attempt via flashlog.txt or the console in FlexBuilder. Would you mind giving things another go and posting back how far the client gets in its connect attempt when you're running through the pass thru?

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                richard_lakeside Level 1

                Thanks for the suggestion.

                I took me awhile to circle back to this. I gave it another shot per your suggestion recently, I added that trace tag to the mxml, but I got stuck on the flashlog.txt. I gather I need to run this using a flash debug player to write to flashlog.txt. Is that true?

                Anyway, I couldn't find flashlog.txt anywhere. I kinda thought I had the Flash 9 debug player installed with Flex 2. Obviously I am rushing into parts of this, I just started using all this Flash related stuff in recent months.

                I confirmed today that the sample apps, e.g., the FDS shared dashboard charting app, work as advertised on localhost, but not from a public domain.

                I'm betting it is something pretty simple that I need to do or undo to fix this.