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    StyleValidator and PHP DataObject returns (memory when profiling)


      Hey everyone,


      I have been using the Flex Profiler to get some memory analysis for a large enterprise application. When I go the page in the application that has a dataGrid, which uses a DataObject[] array as a dataProvider, there is some interesting behavior related to the StyleValidator subclass of com.adobe.fiber.styles. It seems that for each DataObject that gets returned from the database call, there is almost a 1:1 ratio for the number of StyleValidator instances that get created. This is obvious when I changed the number of DO's returned, since there are thousands of records populated on the grid and thousands of instances of the StyleValidator. I am not using any validators on the page, and I have removed every style references and CSS style assignment possible. Does anyone know why the Style Validator would be impacted by the amount of data getting returned?


      Thanks in advance,