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    A/D Converter For Capture From Sony PW2800 Beta Deck

    lbsimpson Level 1

      Hi all,


      We are in the process of converting from Avid's Nitris DX system to an Adobe Production Suite based system.  The majority of our work is now all digital recorded via P2 or Ikegami camera, but we have a huge archive of Beta tape that is often useful for historical purposes or filler as we work to rebuild our library in HD.  I have been doing a bit of experimenting to make sure we will still be able to utilize our deck with an Adobe system.  It seems that the Nitris DX box is taking care of analog to digital conversion when capturing from or digitizing to tape.


      Rather purchasing another standalone A/D converter, I came across this:


      http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/598248-REG/Blackmagic_Design_BDLKSDI_DeckLink_SDI_PC I_Express.html


      Would this or something like it allow for capture? We are looking at getting a new tower to run the new system, but are considering reusing our Avid tower if possible which would definitely require hardware like the above.  Is there a new tower that might include the A/D converter built in?  Any recommendations?