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    Help w/ button interactivity within scroll panel?


      Here’s my situation. In Adobe Flash Catalyst, I’ve built a multi-page portfolio site in which I’m trying to use a scroll panel that contains numerous buttons/thumbnails. Prior to making a scroll panel out of those buttons, they all functioned well. Each button was designed to “play transition” to a specific page within a custom component series of pages that I built in order to avoid the 20-page limit issue. During the process of creating the scroll panel, a dialogue box warned me that some interactivity functions of those buttons may be lost as the component is built. It was. Specifically, the “play transition to “page X” function. Now when attempting to rebuild the interactions of the scroll panel’s individual buttons, I’m not even given the choice to transition to the proper pages – as if they are now unavailable. It does offer me page/state options that are on the main application level – but I need to access the proper pages that exist within the custom component set of pages. Is there a way to re-establish the relationship? BTW, the scrolling aspect of the panel worked fine – but the thumbnails within are useless without links to their target pages.  I’d greatly appreciate some help on this.

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          I bumped my head on this one several times.  I think this is a program failure in Catalyst that does not allow for targeting states/pages unless they fit into a very narrow scope.  I have tried several different solutions with no acceptable result.  I think the answer is not in Catalyst but in Builder.  I think you can try to link the file to the available state as a placeholder then transfer the file into Builder and hand program the link to the correct location.  I gave up on this before trying the Builder solution because I am not very good in Builder and do not know how to set the animation controls there that I wanted.  Also its a one way trip into Builder from Catalyst, once your there you cannot go back.


          I just take a deep breath and remember that its the first version and even the mighty Photoshop had issues on its first version.  If you are talented and brave I would try the Builder solution, if you are successful please report back and brag.



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            Thanks for the response. Was trying to avoid delving into yet another program in order to execute. We'll see. May still go the Builder route.

            If there are any other thoughts on this before I change tactics, that would be great.


            Thanks mucho,