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    Render options


      I am trying to render video shot with the Panasonic HDC-TM700 in standard definition. Now the only thing AE will let me render it as is .mov, if i try anything else it tells me "settings mismatch". Now the quality of the .mov is pretty good but my editing software, Sony Vegas, does not seem to like it. How can I get good quality video out of AE without it being .mov? also it wont let me render my HD video as anything.

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          if i try anything else it tells me "settings mismatch".


          That would imply a constrained format such as H.264, MPEG-2 or WMV which is perfectly correct - you can't mix and match settings at whim. I suggest you read the online help on which goes with which in terms of framerates vs. resolutions and other specifics. A lot can already be achieved by e.g. setting the Level to 5.1 in the H.264 exporter - the higehr the level, the more liberal is the encoding scheme. Still, this doesn't save you from having to understand the fundamentals or you'll have the same problems next tiem again... And yes, take care to at least enable audio output in both panels to avoid half the errors...



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            There's more information about output module constraints here.