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    Old BlackMagic Extreme with CS5


      Hi there,


      I'm trying to hook up an old BMC extreme PCI-X (Not PCI-e) on a PC machine based on Intel i7 960, Asus P6X58D Premium, and a QudroFX1800 graphic card, running Windows 7 64bit Ultimate edition. the driver installed just fine with no spacial issues, I can access the control panel, and it recognize the card by its Name. When I switch the input from Composite to component I see the monitor responding accordingly. so far so good, but when i'm trying to view an after effects CS5 composition via the card, all I get is Black (not Blank) signal no matter what kind of setup i choose from the adobe preferences menu. Same goes to Premiere CS5. I tried several file formats, from DV PAL, to Blackmagic 10/8 bit YUV/RG


      I tried with great success to view any composition via the adobe built-in DV out put module.  All software/drivers are updated to their latests versions.


      I've tried 2 cards like that, with same results.


      Is there a compatibility issue here? or, Am I doing something wrong?


      Thnaks for your time.