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    File cannot be opened because there are no pages - Reader 9 & X

    Overthinking_It Level 1

      I have an old hydro bill in PDF format from 2000.  I can open this PDF in Adobe Reader 8 and earlier with no issues whatsoever (i.e. double-clicking the PDF in Windows Explorer).  The problem started with Adobe 9 & continues with Adobe X.  When I double-click the file, Adobe opens but tells me the "File cannot be opened because there are no pages."  More recent hydro bill PDFs can be opened with no issue.


      Googled & searched the forums but haven't found any earlier reference to this particular error though there is a vague recollection that someone complained somewhere about this or something similar with Adobe 9 some months ago but there was no solution to be found then.


      Using Windows Vista Ultimate here & have uninstalled Reader X & returned to Reader 8 pending a solution.


      Does anybody know how to fix this?



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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Each version of Acrobat and Reader close holes that cause security problems. Malformed pdf files that can be read with older versions can sometimes not be opened, since purposely malformed pdf files can use these holes to break into your computer system. So the long and short of it is that you will probably never be able to open the pdf file with a newer version of the Reader. Your only option might be to get a program like Ghostscript and use it to refry your pdf file. That is Print from Reader 8 to Ghostscript to create a new pdf file. This new pdf file might not have the corruption that is in the one you are having problems with.

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            Overthinking_It Level 1

            Thanks for the idea.  Disappointing if true.


            Thing is... it's an old hydro bill... I'm just keeping it for posterity's sake (a bill from when I was paying for nuclear power!?!)


            Most troubling and disconcerting.


            So, who should be sued?  Adobe?  My hydro company?  ;-)   Just kidding.




            Anyway... some time gone by...

            - re-installed Adobe X

            - as per ghostscript.com, downloaded Ghostscript v9.01 & Gsview v4.9 (McAfee okayed them)

            - installed Ghostscript & Gsview

            - started Gsview

            - dragged & dropped one of the offending hydro bill PDFs from Windows Explorer into Gsview

            - from File menu picked Convert

            - for Device pdfwrite, upped Resolution from the default 600 to 720

            - via the Properties button in the Convert dialogue, adjusted CompatibiliyLevel to 1.2, clicked OK in Properties dialogue

            - clicked OK again back in the Convert dialogue

            - in the Output Filename dialogue, made the new file a "b" copy of the original filename

            - clicked Save


            The new file is a tenth the size of the old one & opens without incident in Adobe X.  Ghostscript works well... thanks.


            But... is this really the optimal solution for businesses & governments?  It's not as if the old files were on vellum and here we are like old monks, transcribing for the king.  Good grief where are we going?