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    default window size changed after upgrade (v7.05 to v9.04)




      I trying to find out if any users or developers have seen an issue after upgrading to v 9.xx (from v7.05) that affects the default window size when launching Acrobat Reader.


      Per Adobe security bulletin http://www.adobe.com/support/security/bulletins/apsb10-21.html


      Users launch Reader from within a Citrix hosted court application (SUSTAIN Justice Edition). Per the bulletin, we had to issue an out of band patch to bring these servers hosting Acrobat reader up to date. Users have noticed that before the critical security update that the default window size was not full screen (which they prefer). Since the update, the default window is now full screen and we’re wondering if anyone can figure out what piece of the update changed this default behavior?


      I appreciate any help resolving the issue. It's been a problem since 10/10/2010.


      thank you