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    AI files not importing into Premiere in appropriate aspect ratio


      I'm having trouble importing Illustrator CS5 files that are "made" with a video preset into Premiere.  I'm building "lower thirds" out of a client graphic.  I then save them as AI CS5 files.  When I import them into Premiere, they aren't imported as an entire frame of material, but rather just the text itself.  I then have to resize the material and change the X and Y locations, respectively.


      Is there a way to create, save, and import Illustrator files properly so all I have to do is drop them into the timeline?

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          steveprc Level 1

          If you're making a lower third and you've set your artboard width in Illustrator, you'd think that it should import at that dimension, but it doesn't always work that way. the bounding box of an imported AI file, because the background is null, will fit the actual graphic instead of the artboard size. So if you set the width of the artboard to 1280 pixels and the graphic is only 1200 pixles wide, then it will import at 1200 pixels wide and it won't fill the full width of the video screen. It's not a big deal to adjust the width in Premiere, but if you want it to fit just right, or a tick over, be sure your graphic is at least as wide as the formatted screen, it not a few pixels over so it bleeds off the screen.