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    Premiere crashes on export


      Please bare with me I'm a little new to video ...

      I've been working on this video that runs for 1hr 10 mins, I exported this a few weeks ago at H.264 720p 29.97fps, for DVD. The export time was between 2-4 hours. I burned the DVD it was totally fine, playback was perfect.

      I came back to do some further minor colour correction and sound adjustments, I tried to export it using the exact same settings and for some reason Premiere will just not let me get past 30%. It estimates the export time will be 10 hours!! I even tried exporting using a different codec and settings and it still crashes!


      I thought it might have been my USB 2.0 Hard drive because it had reached 75% capacity. So I moved all the premiere files & video onto a firewire 400 drive that was empty, still I try exporting with the original settings and it crashes.



      My computer has never had issues handling exporting before, to export a 3GB file should be fine, it's exported 8GB in the past!

      - AMD Phenom II x4 810 Processor (4 CPUs) ~2.6GHz

      - 4GB RAM

      - NVIDA GeForce 9600 GT


      Let me know if you need more information!

      Surely It can't be those minor adjustments haven't effected anything!? Last time the file was 2.8GB so from my minor adjustments it went to just over 3, not sure whether that is worth sharing or not...


      Your help would be greatly appreciated! I need to export this for my client asap!