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    Flex child in a Flash parent only work in localhost


      I'm currently working in a project which have 5 kind of developements.


      1. index.html (deploy/index.html) to embeding the home.swf

      2. Home Page - Developed in Flash CS5(deploy/home/home.swf)

      3. Page A - Flash CS4 (deploy/page_a/page_a.swf)

      4. Page B - Flash CS5 (deploy/page_b/page_b.swf)

      5. Pgae C - Flash Builder 4 and use xml file for load datas.(deploy/page_c/page_c.swf)


      the Parent "Home Page" load "Page A", "Page B" and "Page C" using UrlRequest as child SWFs in to the Parent "Home Page".

      the "Page A" and "Page B" working fine and currrently I'm developing the "Page C" with Flash Builder 4.

      the "Page C" load into the "Home Page" with no problem when it's runing as http://localhost/

      but when I use my PCs local IP address( http://IP ADDRESS/ ),"Home Page" work fine and, the "Page C" doesn't display and leave a blank page.

      also the same result when it's loading from the online preview server.


      I have checked with a activity monitor to see weather homepage request the link for "Page C".

      what I can see is the "Page C" is loading to the browser cash completely. but that doesn't request the xml file to load.


      also when I run the Page C directly in the localhost and ip address, it's working perfectly. (http://IP ADDRESS/Page_C/)


      all of these pages run in same server location. and is there something I have to do with cross domain policies ?