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    Placing into Drupal etc..

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      I have been really getting much better at all this: Now I want to package the sites into larger content management environments.

      I am just now playing with Drupal and using ftp and wondering if anyone has some experience with implementing the files Catalyst generates into something as complex as Drupal pages as content.  Any thoughts are super-helpful!

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          While I have not had any experience putting Catalyst files into Drupal I have done similar functions with Miva Merchant, Zen Cart and Wordpress and this is what I found.  Since you are working with a PHP based (assuning Drupal is PHP based) Content Management system the key is getting the items in the header to goto the correct location, then separately getting the body items into the specific page you are looking to upload into.  All of your URL links both in Catalyst and in the HTML, CSS, and PHP pages must be absolute.  Do not use abbreviations in anything.  If possible (again not a Drupal user) upload the Catalyst files to a specific directory on your FTP and point all of the links for JavaScript and SWF files to that folder.  Catalyst is very picky about it's file structure (as all web based programs are) especially if you are using a linking function for your images to save on download times (making the Main.swf file smaller) so be sure to keep them all together in one folder and force the code in Drupal to goto your specific folder via absolute links.


          This will be a trial in experimentation and you will get it wrong a dozen times before it comes out right but it is possible.  Once you have successfully completed this please post the result on this forum so I can take a look, I am curious to see how all of this interacts with Drupal.  To give a test run try to place a simple SWF from Flash first.  If you can get a Flash animation to run properly you should be able to apply the same rules to getting a Catalyst project up and running.


          This is an example of a site I built using Zen Cart (similar in many ways to Wordpress and Drupal) using a Flash animation in the header.  I did this before I started with Catalyst and I have no idea how the two will be different but it is a start:




          Good Luck,


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            Thanks, Brett -

            I'm going to work on this and will comment back...


            There is another work-flow where one makes it all 'happen' in the FLEX environment, (Flash Builder), but that is not my emphasis so I can't comment on that yet.


            As I get this thing up and going, I will try to comment back, Brett, not sure how long these threads hang out here but I will try to keep it in the thread too for ya...