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    Multitrack view: snap clip edges to edit-view markers

    TheodoreG Level 1

      In multitrack view with snapping to markers enabled, I suggest having Audition allow the left and right edges of a clip to snap to edit-view markers.


      Except for the absence of this combination of snapping, all other combinations of the following items will snap to each other: (1) left/right clip edges; (2) the cursor; (3) edit-view markers; and (4) multitrack-view markers.


      It would be useful if the edges of clips could snap to markers that were set in edit view.  For example, when working with loops this would be helpful.  The workaround I use is to click the cursor on the edit-view marker, which snaps; then move the clip as needed (either shifting the entire clip or just an edge), which will snap to the cursor and thus to the edit-view marker where the cursor is.