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    uploading problems (Mac)



      I recently made the move to Mac and i've always uploaded to my server via dreamweaver's split view interface.  Typically I'd simply select a file and drag it over to the directory that i want it uploaded to.  i'm using Mac's Dreamweaver CS5 and for some reason its NOT letting me drag files over to the directory of my choosing.  If i want to upload i need to right click and select "put" but it uploads it to a mirrored directory and not one of my choosing.  I'm not to savy on Macs or Dreamweaver.  Could someone please help?



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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Dreamweaver is site-centric. The first step is to define Local and Remote Sites correctly.


          Dreamweaver works by having the Local and Remote Sites mirrored, file by file and folder (directory) by folder.


          You can move files around between folders within the Files Panel locally and Dreamweaver will manage the updating of the links locally.


          You then upload the Local files to a mirrored folder on the Remote server with links intact


          Dreamweaver will not let you upload a Local file to a different folder on the Remote server because, if you do, your links and filename paths (images etc) will break.

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            sublife Level 1

            that makes sense but why was i able to upload to any directory before?  I know its possible, cuz thats what i've always done.  any ideas?



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              John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Don't know.


              Did you have your Local and Remote sites defined?

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                sublife Level 1

                yes i did.

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                  John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Then I don't know.


                  What happened to your links and file paths when you uploaded a file from folder A in your local site into sub-folder B on the remote server?


                  I find it hard to understand how they would remain intact.

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                    sublife Level 1

                    they weren't web files they were simply psds or jpegs that i'd upload for clients to download, so there were no links or dependant files attached to them.

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                      mhollis55 Level 4

                      Here's what I do:


                      I create a folder, telling the client where files are. On my Mac, I have my /Sites/ folder on my Dock, so I open up the particular website subfolder in /Sites/ and then I use Apple's Finder's drag & Drop or copy function to place these .PSD and other work files into a folder in the website.


                      Then I tell Dreamweaver to upload the folder to the server and give my client the information on where the files may be found.


                      Maybe you were doing something different in Windows and not using Dreamweaver's function to move things around, but you thought you were. Placing work files in a folder on a site works just fine. I do it in my local folder with the Apple Finder and then I just have Dreamweaver upload that folder, using Put.