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    adobe reader vs preview on OSX


      I have created a pdf form by using livecycle designer and gving it extended features in acrobat x pro.

      On windows i can open the form, fill it out and print it by using adobe reader. I can even save the form with all the text and images inserted; and go back and edit them afterwards until i wanna complete it by printing.


      On OSX 10.6 however i encounter these problems:

      - Open in Adobe reader i fill out the form and i can save it to not lose my work in case of crash but when i want to finalize the form and choose print; adobe reader has blocked that i can print it to a pdf. It says i have to archive it. which will only result in another editable copy of the form.


      - Then i tried using preview but here i can only add text and when i try to add pictures (which is an image field you press and it asks for the picture) nothing happens.


      So basically im stuck when it comes to osx unless you have acrobat pro or the big adobe suites installed, i f i wanna use adobe all the way.

      If i wanna use preview it doesnt want to insert pictures which is a crucial part of the pdf form.